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Retratment of an upper first molar made with the Retreaty kit by Perfect Endo

A retreatment can represent an issue for every practitioner. It is always unpredictable due to many unforeseen elements like intracanal obstacles, iatrogenic errors and complicated anatomies. Recently the Retreaty Kit has been launched: it consists in a sequence of files made with the idea of providing the clinician with a predictable sequence to follow since […]

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ReTreaty: the unboxing

Let's get a closer look to the ReTreaty kit by Perfect Endo with Francesca Cerutti

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Retreatments and ReTreaty

In this article i am highlighting the way i’ve dealt with this syptomatic upper Premolar with 2 instruments separated.

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ReTreaty kit for conservative retreatments

There is a great trend of interest in minimally invasive treatments in endodontics. Is it possible to apply the same concept in Retreatments, where the previous therapy has failed?Can we change in some way our mindset?Is it possible to use as much as possible just a sequence like ReTreaty kit instead of many different files?

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A Perfect Re-RCT

The use of CBCT at the diagnostic and treatment planning stage allows to detect presence of refractory endodontic pathology root by root in multicoated teeth. Teeth affected by pathology in one root only due to the presence of missed anatomy cannot be re-treated surgically and a selective orthograde re-rct approach can be opted for. The […]

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Retreaty... The Retreatment Avengers

Nowadays the number of retreatment cases are increasing in front of primary treatments. That’s why we need some innovative tools to help us achieving our rationale in non-surgical retreatments. In this article, I will describe various aspects of the New Retreaty instruments designed by styleitaliano endodontics team and manufactured by Perfect Endo. Similar to primary […]

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Conservative retreatment using RE TREATY

In this article we are introducing the RE-TREATY files for the retreatment of Maxillary Molar and we will show how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the Retreatment step in a conservative way.

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Retreaty Kit, for easier and predictable retreatments

The reason why we designed and developed ReTreaty kit, is because we felt the need to make the reatreatment procedure more predictable and easier. As StyleItaliano Endodontics we already shared the concept that a primary treatment should start since the beginning with rotary files for avoiding iatrogenic errors created by hand files. We transferred now […]

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