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NSRCT for lower first molar with Radix Entomolaris

Radix Entomolaris (RE) is a major anatomical anomaly in the mandibular first molar represented by a third root that is located disto-lingually. The prevalence of RE is different in different populations; ranging from 3% in African people to even more than 40% in Mongolian traits (De Moor et al. 2004). Root canal treatment of lower […]

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Endodontic management of a mandibular first molar with pulp stone obliterating the floor of pulp chamber – a case report.

The goals of an endodontic treatment are to prevent and intercept the process of pulpal/ peri radicular pathosis and to also prevent its reinfection after the treatment. For achieving this, a good diagnosis of the case, followed by chalking out a feasible and appropriate treatment plan and its execution is important. Starting from good clinical […]

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