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Management of Mandibular Incisor Tooth With Calcified Root Canal Anatomy

Calcified root canals are frequently seen nowadays. The management of calcified root canal is a little easier thanks to the current developing technologies. In this regard, these cases can be overcome more quickly and in a controlled manner with dental operating microscope, CBCT and ultrasonic tips.

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AF F One Essential Kit in the treatment of a lower left first molar in a patient with periodontal disease

Multidisciplinary in dentistry is essential in order to treat correctly our patients. When for a clinician it is not possible to manage all of the branches of dentistry, the possibility to work in a team is the key to give the patient the best treatment. When I see a patient for the first time, apart […]

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MG3 let's shape calcified and moderately curved root canals

The process of root canal treatment involves the meticulous elimination of bacterial remnants within the canal through biomechanical techniques, encompassing thorough cleaning and precise shaping, all aimed at averting any potential reinfection1. The intricate nature of root canal anatomy necessitates the deployment of well-designed tools to effectively navigate and cleanse these intricate passages2. This endeavor […]

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Minimal Invasive Endodontics a “MUST” today

Shaping procedure change so much in the last years, minimal invasive endodontics is a MUST in dentistry today, new materials lead us to work fast, secure and minimal invasive.

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Shaping different anatomies

Anatomy is one of the biggest challenges in the root canal treatment. During the step of shaping lots of errors may happen like zipping, ledges, transportation, straightening the anatomy and file separation: that’s why in this article we are going to share safe and predictable techniques for instrumenting the root canal system in several types of […]

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Management of severe trajectories: a clinical perspective

The curved and dilacerated roots in the posterior teeth often present the major challenge to the clinicians during the endodontic treatments. Failure to secure a safe glide path in order to achieve an optimum biomechanical preparation may lead to complications which will jeopardize the final outcome of the treatment due to : Planning should start […]

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Blue under the bridge

Non surgical endodontic treatment of teeth with prosthodontic works can present some difficulty mainly due to the necessity to disassemble the existing restoration and to the loss of the anatomic references that guide the clinician to find the root canal openings. When getting ready to treat a crowned tooth, the clinician must read carefully the […]

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Management of molarized premolar with severly calcified and curved canals

This article clarifies how to deal with extra root canal system anatomy of premolars clinically and how you can manage and shape the buccal tinny and curved canals of molarized premolar with simple technique by using an handpiece with manual files in reciprocation motion. Endodontic treatment success is dependent on thorough debridement and full obturation […]

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Conservative retreatment using RE TREATY

In this article we are introducing the RE-TREATY files for the retreatment of Maxillary Molar and we will show how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the Retreatment step in a conservative way.

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Re-treatment nightmare

In our daily practice, we face a lot of difficulties in root canal treatment and re-treatment. Some of these difficulties may be due to the case itself, and others may happen during the procedure. Key factors to overcome such situations are identifying these difficulties and knowing how to deal with them.

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High-Tech files for demanding cases

This article will describe the important factors of the challenging cases of root canal treatment performed with Ni-Ti files.  Introducing heat treatment to the world of endodontics made a huge revolution in the root canals shaping procedures. In most cases the heat treated files became much more flexible and moreover more resistant in many cases. […]

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Flexible Teachable Repetable: Fanta V-Taper Gold
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