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Open apex management using bioceramics

In the presented case we’ll describe a management of a maxillary premolar with open apex and large periapical lesion.

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Endodontic management of a Traumatic Maxillary Central Incisor with wide open apex and evident resorption

Pulp necrosis(mostly due to trauma) in teeth with incomplete roots can arrest root development resulting in open apices. he main challenge in performing root-canal treatment in teeth with necrotic pulps and wide-open apices is to obtain an optimal apical seal. The wide foramen requires a large volume of filling material that may extrude from the […]

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Direct composite veneers

A 60 years old male came to our office due to abrasion and erosion he had on the front teeth. The involved teeth were vital and without any symtomps. The intra-oral examination showed an important abrasion of the vestibular face of the two central incisors, while radiographic examination showed no problems on the pulp and the […]

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Two Ways of Warm Vertical Compaction

Cleaning and shaping root canals without sealing is not enough so Warm Vertical Compaction technique is the most useful technique to seal the root canal system  

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Prexo as new plugger for the ideal MTA apical plug

MTA apical plug still represents a gold standard procedure for permanent sealing of the apexes of different sizes. The precise and controlled placement of this material is always intended and Prexo M plugger showed the best flexibility and tip design for a controlled adaptation of MTA in the apical zone regardless of apical size diameter. […]

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Management of the apical inflammatory root resorption

Apical inflammatory root resorption (AIRR) is one of the challenges that can happen during root canal treatment. Mostly it is associated with apical periodontis, but can occur after traumas, orthodontic treatment, autotransplantation or can be associated with idiopatic factors. One of the most common factors that is present in teeth with AIRR is intracanal infection. […]

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Long canal obturation: tips and tricks

Root canals whose length is more than 23 mm are considered as long. When the clinician faces this kind of teeth there are some aspects to take into consideration, from xrays to endodontic obturation, in order to avoid problems.

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Endodontic treatment of a severely worn premolar

Sometimes endodontics is the first answer to the needs of our patients, in particular when they come to our practice because they feel pain. Apart from freeing the patient from pain, the aim of endodontic treatment is to shape the root canal system, put in action an efficient disinfection protocols and to hermetically obturate the canal […]

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Mid-root split obturation using Smart Endo Kit

Treatment of fine apical split using PREXO M plugger from SMART ENDO KIT By Style Italiano Endodontics & Deppeler.

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The management of a buccal perforation in a lower incisor

Root perforations are characterized by a communication between the root canal system and the external tooth surface. They are caused by a pathological process or an operative procedural accident. When iatrogenic, they can occur during access cavity opening, root canal preparation or during post preparation. Root perforation needs to be diagnosed early and treated appropriately as soon as possible, since they may cause an inflammatory […]

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Squirting Technique Lessons

In the last years I found support on the web for my clinical practice and Style Italiano Endodontics  was a source of interesting tips and tricks. When some colleagues posted  about squirting technique, I started wandering what it was. I tried to Google this technique, but the results regarding endodontics were few and below my […]

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System-Based Endodontics: does your gutta percha master cone fit?

Allow me to describe a clinical dilemma that frequently happens when performing endodontic treatment. Let’s say you have experience, are well trained, and have just finished cutting a fabulous endodontic access cavity preparation in accordance with your philosophy of treatment. You identify all of the orifices on the pulpal floor of this multi-rooted tooth. You […]

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