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Zoning Technique in Endodontics
Anatomy Shaping

The Zoning Technique is an innovative approach in endodontics that aims to optimize root canal treatment by dividing the root canal system into distinct zones and applying specific instruments and techniques tailored to each zone's unique characteristics. This technique enhances procedural efficiency, increases treatment precision, and improves the overall success rates of endodontic therapy. In this article, […]

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The vicious cycle of errors in retreatment cases
Retreatments Separated instruments

A simple step by step technique of separated instrument removal, gaining patency and perforation repair.

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A C-shaped story: endodontic management  and endocrown rehabilitation

The C-shaped root canal configuration is an anatomical variation which is caused by the fusion of the mesial and distal roots either on the buccal or lingual root surface (1). The term ‘‘C-shaped canal’’ was firstly used by Cooke and Cox in 1979 (2). Numerous studies have reported that the incidence of C-shaped canals is […]

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Endodontic retreatment: expect the unexpected

The goal of an endodontic treatment is to disinfect the root canal system. This will facilitate the resolution of inflammation and the alleviation of symptoms. Failure to achieve this goal means that parts of the root canal system will not be thoroughly cleaned and will carry on containing a significant population of bacteria. This fact […]

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Managing Calcified Canals: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Endodontic Treatment
Scouting Shaping Tips and tricks

A 32-year-old man with a symptomatic maxillary right central incisor came to the private clinic. The patient reported that the incisor had been traumatized previously. The medical history was nonsignificant, and extraoral evaluation revealed normal soft-tissue structures with no apparent pathosis. Upon oral examination, no mobility or probing defect was observed. The tooth was sensitive […]

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The restorative aspect of endodontics: Part I: Pre-Endo build-up
Adhesives Decision making

Pre-endo build-up is an essential part of the endodontic procedure. It has 4 main purposes. First of all, it confirms that the tooth is restorable by means of isolating the healthy dental tissue. It ensures that there is no microbial leakage in the endodontic space. It allows the correct use of electronic apex locator, preventing […]

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Dealing with hard canals, the easy way. 

This article demonstrates the protocols followed on two teeth with unique anatomical features in a conservative, feasible, teachable and repeatable way. 

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The probability of two fives

With increasing number of reports and studies of unusual root canal morphology, It is of utmost importance that the clinician must have detailed knowledge of the pulp canal anatomy to achieve effectively proper cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. Failure to recognize the aberrant root canal anatomy will lead to an unsuccessful treatment and thus failure of the endodontic therapy.
This case report describes a very rare scenario of a mandibular right first molar with five root canals (three in distal root and two in mesial root) and a maxillary left second molar with also five root canals (three in the mesial buccal root, one in the distobuccal root, and one palatal) in the same patient.

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Inner wall Vs outer wall
Separated instruments Tips and tricks

This article is about showing the way of bypassing SI from both inner and outer wall, and which is correct in order to obtain satisfying outcome away from any unnecessary complications.

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Trace every tract!
Diagnosis Tips and tricks

Sinus tract tracing, proper diagnosis, and patient education are all the big players involved in this tooth story!

It is no surprise that I find all of advanced diagnostic techniques, i.e.; cone beam scans for example, extremely useful to figure out the source of pain plaguing my patients, it’s worth investing my time and energy into the latest technology.
But keeping things old-school has its value too. Therefore, I would like to show you a case where a classic diagnostic method—sinus tract tracing—proved invaluable in my endodontic diagnosis.

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Root canal treatment of maxillary second molar can be very difficult . Beside the limited accesibility of tooth in mouth with limited mouth opening ,with complex root canal anatomy specially if its a c shaped anatomy with irregular canals and challenge to clean and disinfect the isthmus part specially are the major difficulties of root […]

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Re-treatment Decoding : obturation dilemma   
Obturation Retreatments

In this article we are going to share how to manage an upper first molar in a predictable way for a long-term successful re-treatment.

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