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F-One Essential Kit used in the treatment of a first upper molar and retreatment of a lateral upper incisor

Shaping the root canal system using only mechanical files can be done in the majority of cases. When using this approach it is important to follow a precise strategy and to choose the right instruments, avoiding iatrogenic damages and file breakage. A careful pre operative analysis of the X-ray allows the clinician to understand the […]

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Management of Middle Mesial Canal in a lower Molar

Knowledge of both normal and abnormal anatomy of the root canal system dictates the parameters for execution of root canal therapy and can directly affect the outcome of the endodontic therapy. Missed extra roots and root canals are a major reason for failure of root canal treatment. The lower mandibular first molar normally has two […]

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The Blue Power: Safe and Predictable Shaping using MG3 Blue

Following the access preparation and location of anatomy, the next challenge facing the endodontic clinician is to select the proper alloy and sequence for the shaping procedures in order to be able to safely and predictably shape the anatomy without any procedural errors. This article will show the advantages of the MG3 Blue instruments and […]

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Mechanical scouting with Glider ST

Canal negotiation sometimes can be very difficult or challenging, especially with narrow, secondary, or calcified canals. In this case of a maxillary molar, pulp chamber and canals were extremely calcified. A 35 years old female patient been referred to restore her upper right teeth. Pt complains of discomfort when food get trapped between her upper […]

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Hybrid shaping concept with MG3 rotary system

Mostly in the molar teeth crown down technique is the most effective one in the terms of the root canal debridement. However in simplier cases combination of crown-down, rotary glide path and single length can be also very effective. This technique can be called a hybrid technique and will be described in this article.  Crown-down […]

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Tactic and strategy for curved, narrow and difficult canals

The video shows the strategy to adopt in difficult cases

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Retreatment of a Maxillary First Molar using MG3 files

Correct endodontic treatment has to follow several parameters: proper diagnosis, isolation of operating field, full chemo-mechanical preparation of the complex endodontic system, three-dimensional obturation of the root canals and finally the post endodontic restoration. Respecting all these parameters, short- and long-term success can be achieved. Failure to follow the protocol in any of the above […]

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Management of long and apically curved upper first premolar with T-Pro Rotary System

The maxillary first premolar always represents a challenge when it shows any abnormal anatomy. The variations in anatomy is the fact we have to deal with in our daily root canal practice. This is a case of very long roots of upper first premolar having working length of 27 mm for both Buccal & Palatal […]

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Management of a three rooted premolar with Fanta Essential Kit

The maxillary first premolar is the most commonly bi-rooted tooth with occasional presentation of three roots system. This clinical has has been managed with Essential Kit by Fanta Dental, a right balance between flexibility and cutting efficacy!

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Manualless shaping "IT IS POSSIBLE"!

Root canal shaping is considered a very important steps during endodontic treatment. Research has shown that mechanical instrumentation greatly reduces the number of microorganisms remaining in the root canal system.   With respect to canal anatomy a sequence of files should be planned according to case difficulty in order to avoid errors during root canal […]

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Management of Maxillary Central Incisor with Extreme Calcific Metamorphosis

Pulp canal calcification is characterized by the deposition of calcified tissue along the canal walls. As a result, the root canal space can become partially or completely obliterated. It is considered a normal physiological process occurring with ageing, and a defensive response to normal wear. This response, however, can be accelerated considerably in the case […]

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Essential kit: how to use it in practice

“Simplexity” is a possible relation between complexity and simplicity. The ultimate sophistication in Endodontics using a Simplified Multiple File Technique

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