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Versatility in root canal filling

Several filling techniques exist: the clinician should be choosing the filling technique according to the clinical conditions.

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Essential kit: for majority of the cases

Root canal preparation has been considered the most important step in Endodontic therapy for dentin removal. It is a challenge for even the most experienced Endodontist to achieve optimum cleaning and shaping respecting the original anatomy. The main factor that determines the prognosis of restored pulpless teeth is preservation of sound dentin. Residual dentin thickness […]

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Locating entrance - managing blockage

Narrow canals
Calcified canal
Conservative preparation
C files
Maxillary Central incisor

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A case report of endodontic retreatment or I can say revision of lower second left premolar with anatomical challenge of deep split root canal at the apical third.

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Management of a tooth with primary periodontal lesion with AF F One

Endo pero lesions of primary periodontal organ can be diffcult to diagnose. A multidisciplinary approach is mandatory to solve the case

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Harmonised Multidisciplinary Endodontic treatment/Re-treatment

Endodontic treatment is considered one of the most complicated dental treatments. Although we have a general idea about the number of major canals and outline of the roots, but we are dealing with a complex three dimensional system which sometimes happen to be torturous, so we may face difficulties. However, root canal re-treatment would add more difficulties, as more surprises may exist from previous treatment. For that reason, we should gather as mush as possible of information before prompting the treatment, including a comprehensive history taking, thorough clinical examination, proper radiographs, and cone beam CT if needed.

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AF F One Essential Kit in the treatment of a lower left first molar in a patient with periodontal disease

Multidisciplinary in dentistry is essential in order to treat correctly our patients. When for a clinician it is not possible to manage all of the branches of dentistry, the possibility to work in a team is the key to give the patient the best treatment. When I see a patient for the first time, apart […]

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Dealing with root filling residuals in root canal re-treatment

Non-surgical root canal re-treatment is one of the most dental procedures that practitioners face in routine daily work. Though, it remains one of the most challenging procedures, as we are dealing with root canal complexities, different root filling materials, and most importantly, infection.

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Post endo restoration with AF Fiber Post

The use intraradicular posts in root filled teeth has been an area of much discussion and controversy. It is imperative to acknowledge that the purpose of a post is to facilitate core retention; it does not increase the strength of the root or compensate for the absence of a ferrule effect. With the evolution of […]

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Re-treatment nightmare

In our daily practice, we face a lot of difficulties in root canal treatment and re-treatment. Some of these difficulties may be due to the case itself, and others may happen during the procedure. Key factors to overcome such situations are identifying these difficulties and knowing how to deal with them.

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Flexible Teachable Repetable: Fanta V-Taper Gold
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Retreatment of a central incisor with Essential Kit

Aim of endodontic therapy is to maintain or restore the periapical health of teeth through shaping, cleaning and filling tridimensionally the root canal system. Root canal treatment has proven to be a predictable procedure with a high success rate. Nevertheless, failures occur in 14-16% of primary endodontic treatments and retreatments account for approximately 30% of […]

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