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Perfect EndoRe Treaty - by Perfect Endo and Style Italiano Endodontics
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Nowadays retreatment therapies are increasing compare to primary treatment 
That's why we decided to create a specific kit to perform endodontic disassembling in a minimal invasive way following Styleitaliano Endodontics philosophy.
Perfect Endo Tools
First, we have to empty the root canal system in a crown-down approach and when the disassembling has been completed we will shape the canals respecting the anatomy with conservative taper shaping files.
5 instruments and 3 different alloys, BULL Y (designed to remove the old obturation materials SKINNY designed to create the glide path to the terminus) SHAPY 1-2-3 (to finalise the preparation)

A new team of super heros

Re Treaty - by Perfect Endo and Style Italiano Endodontics

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Has been specifically designed to remove the coronal Gutta-Percha obturation material during a non-surgical endodontic retreatment.
The gold treatment of the alloy, the tip design, and the shorter length of the file provide to the instrument the right features for removing in a short time the Gutta-Percha without any solvent.
BullyBully tool by Perfect Endo
Thin, but powerful for debris removal, silver color, used for removing Gutta-Percha in the middle apical third of the root canal system preserving the coronal region of the canal and creating a reproducible pathway close to the apical terminus.
It's the first real shaper after that the patency has been reached. Gold alloy, flexible but with a great cutting efficacy, designed to follow the natural anatomy of the canal.
Probably the most trendy deep shape that could be achieved in a retreatment. The rotary file has a gold alloy for a good flexibility combined to an unwind-
'ing resistance.
Blu alloy for higher flexibility in case of apical shape enlargment. Maximum adaptation without alteration of the original anatomy.
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