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MAP System: choose the right carrier for MTA

The best device for making simple the use of MTA is MAP System, a unique and complete kit, designed for answering to all the different requests of clinicians. Four different kits available on the market, composed by One map syringe and Nine different tips, made of Two different materials and manufactured in Three diameters. They are: MAP System Intro Kit,Universal Kit, […]

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Good Manners for Good Endodontists

Not one dentist I know who doesn’t find, in his daily practice, teeth that are earmarked for RCT (e.g. emergency, destructive caries, prothesis treatment planning) or that have had an RCT and need further treatment (e.g. post-endodontic build-up, fiber post positioning, prosthetic abutment preparation, orthodontic extrusion and so on). For this reason even if Endodontics […]

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Confluent Canal Management

The comprehension of the anatomy of the root canal system is an important factor when using rotary nickel titanium instruments. One of the main risks in rotary instrumentation is the occurrence of instrument fracture: it is widely acknowledged that a cause for fracture is the introduction of a rotary instrument in the meeting area of two […]

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