Fig. 1

During the dental procedures especially Endodontics it’s really necessary to have a clear image of whats inside the tooth because most of the time we doing indirect work , most important tool is the mirror it has to be reflective & front surface not double image what make MULTIPLO really special is that it contains a ruler and a sealer mixing pad sonot every time you are giving a hand to the assistant to get a tool , it is a 3x1 tool.

Let’s see some uses of MULTIPLO.

Fig. 2

The Mirror 

Pre Op , 

Pre-Op image of lower first molar with Apical Periodontitis , a failed direct pulp capping from the referring dentist was the cause of failure , in the image we can see a clear view of the access with also the MTA “Red Arrow”

Short Video showing the quality image in a movie recording of the DEPPELER fron surface mirror.

Fig. 3


Multiplo is a Silicone Pad , we have 2 uses for the “MULTIPLO  FIG 1 , Sealer mixing area (  Red Arrow ) and Excess Sealer removal ( Green Arrow )

In the Fig 2 we have the 2nd use of the “MULTIPLO” as a Ruler. 

Fig. 4

Second interesting tool in the kit is “MisueEndo 

It mainly a double sided Periodontal Probe , of of these sides is with normal grades and the other side is with special grades at 4,6,9 & 10 mm , which is very useful in molar access to avoid perforations  as the 4mm is still away 4:6mm means its safe 9:10mm means its a danger zone.

It is used mainly for Periodontal Probing & Precise Access Opening. 

This PT was complaining about Pain and it is clearly seen it’s a RETREATMENT situation so the “MisurEndo” was useful for the detection of the site of the problem “lingual” by the Periodontal Probing.

Fig. 5

Here we are measuring the BL width in addition to the MD width of the tooth to get the Exact point of penetration.

Fig. 6

Using the Depth marks on the “MisurEndo” at 6mm we know that we are inside the access “FIG 3” , the result is a precise access opening “FIG 4”

Clinical Video

Fig. 7

Third instrument “EXPLORA” ;

EXPLORA is a sharp Endodontic Explorer with many uses like :

  • Canal Locating
  • Disassembling of materials in canal Space
  • Separated Instruments Exploration during Retrival.

Canal locating using “EXPLORA

Fig. 8

Canal locating using “EXPLORA

Locating MB2

Fig. 9

4th instrument which is “Prexo M” and M is referring to Medium sized

The  Prexo is a double sided plugger with one side looking like a drop shape. 

It’s small size gives precision in packing the GP after the Down packing Step , also useful in case of obturation of splits ( shown in an article before )

Obturation using Prexo M

Fig. 10

Last Instrument is “ExtEndo


It’s is used mainly for :

  • Obturation of Long Canals 
  • Removing Filling Materials from the wall
  • Useful in Pulp Tissue removal.

Pulp tissue removal using ExtEndo


During Endodontic Treatments we are always looking for smart choices , SMART ENDO KIT is a perfect solution for 

The daily Endodontic Standards