Fig. 1

Pre-operative radiograph shows previously accessed tooth 25 by the referral 

Fig. 2

This figure shows working length where first manual file inserted toward split palatally, then followed by inserting the second manual file toward the split buccally.

Fig. 3

This figure shows intra oral photo of inserting manual files to measure the working length

Fig. 4

This figure shows another intra oral photo of tooth where canal is clean ready for cone fit.

Fig. 5

This figure show cone fitting by inserting gutta percha in apical split then hardly insert the other one in buccal split

Fig. 6

This figure shows an intra oral photo of cone fit , inserting gutta percha 25/4,  after couple of trials I’ve could inserted them both.

Fig. 7

In this figure another scenario encountered where couldn’t insert GPs  together after been coated with sealer, so gp in palatal split inserted and seared off to the split level, to allow inserting the other one , as shown in radiograph

Fig. 8

After the second gp inserted in buccal split  and seared off by heat plugger, I started pack fill in phased to insure no voids left between.

Fig. 9

Pack fill stages nearly done, apart of last stage then gp adaptation by manual plugger.

Fig. 10

Last figure shows obturation done .

Fig. 11

Dr. Hatem Almezughi (BDS)

  • Was graduated from  Tripoli university, Libya.
  • Local and international speaker in different conferences and forums .
  • instructor in many endodontic courses.
  • Dental practice limited to endodontics and restorative .
  • Fellow member in style Italiano endodontics.


Being familiar with variations and anatomical morphology make clinicians more aware of unpredictable future unusual clinical cases of all teeth in general and premolars in particular


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