Fig. 1

From preoperative x-ray the variation in apical area of palatal root is quite noticed

Fig. 2

Working length is taken by EAL and only one K file inserted in palatal canal 

Fig. 3

Scouting the deep bifurcation by inserting another K file in the split

Fig. 4

The presence of an apical curvature in obvious in both mesials and distal canals while cone fit is achieved

Fig. 5

Microscopic view show the apical bifurcation of palatal canal. The picture was captured  by zooming 25x.

Fig. 6

Intra oral photo shows obturation of all canals, as we notice the location of MB2 canal is right opposite to the DB canal

Fig. 7

The final x-ray shows obturation in invert


Radiographic interpretation is very important before any endodontic approach.

In particular, it is very helpful in cases in which the anatomy presents some peculiarity.  Nevertheless, taking different angles of x-ray may be handy as well.


Nosrat A, Verma P, Hicks ML, Schneider SC, Behnia A, Azim AA. Variations of Palatal Canal Morphology in Maxillary Molars: A Case Series and Literature Review. J Endod. 2017;43(11):1888-1896. doi:10.1016/j.joen.2017.04.006