Fig. 1

For a correct fiber post removal the following material is required:

  1. Stropko syringe for dental assistant in order to reduce the temperature and for the removal of all the produced powder.
  2. Ultrasonic tip made in stainless steel with a pointed tip for composite removal.
  3. A sequence of 2 burs with a long neck and a small rounded active head.
  4. A micropipette for placing a drop of solvent in order to distinguish fiber post and composite from dentine structure.
Fig. 2

First step is represented by removing the buildup and by detaching with an ultrasonic tip all the composite placed inside of the pulp chamber

Fig. 3

The ideal sequence is obtained alternating micro burs at 300 RPM for fiber post removal and Ultrasounds for removing the composite from the canal walls. Ultrasounds are useful when there is lot of composite inside the canal, but sometimes the burs are efficient also for the disassembling of composite remnants.

Using a solvent is always suggested when the fiber post or composite are not visible anymore during their removal

This videos shows how to use correctly burs at 300 RPM

This is another video showing how to use correctly burs at 300 RPM


Fiber post removal can represent always a challenge for the operator, but magnification and a correct protocol can solve in a predictable way this delicate procedure.


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