Fig. 1

X ray Analysis

Radiopacity of an esthetic fiber post is important to the extent that it allows the post to be clearly identified on an x-ray when surrounded by tooth and bone tissue and core material.  Unfortunately this detection is not always possible and a GP can face the problem when it is too late.

Fig. 2

Voids, bubbles or white lines on the wall of the canal are the main signs of a presence of o fiber post not perfectly visible

Fig. 3

Orientation: cross section analysis

Before the removal of the build up and the part of the fiber post luted inside, it is always better to flatten the occlusal part of the tooth. Then, it is advised to observe if the cross section of the fiber post is round or ovoidal. If it’s perfectly round we can deduce that the fiber post is straight, on the other hand, the more the section is ovoidal the more the fiber post is placed angulated.

Fig. 4

Orientation: Take two references

Before the removal of the fiber post it is always better to measure with a probe the distance between the head of the fiber post and a reference point on the wall of the crown.

The second measurement must be done when the fiber post has been removed at the orifice level. If we consider the two measures together, we can deduce the orientation of the post and consequently we can place the US tip accordingly to the reference points

Fig. 5

Fiber post composition

It’s evident that a Black carbon fiber post is easier to remove if compared with a fiber glass one. The black color is more visible into the deepest part of the canal and instead a white fiber post can be confused with luting composite or dentin.


Even if you are an expert or if you feel like a an Endo pro, when you have to remove a fiber post is always better do a previous analysis in order to avoid iatrogenic errors.


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