Fig. 1

Upper first molar, with a complex mesial root. Mb1 and Mb2 join before the deep apical curvature

Fig. 2

Mechanical glide path with a 13/03 file and pre flaring with a 20/04. Many debris are produced around the orifice and inside the canal

Fig. 3

Debris left after the first approach with mechanical instruments

Fig. 4

Limited penetration of a 30g needle. The needle is blocked at the beginning of the curvature, not for the diameter of the canal preparation, but due its composition in stainless steel.

Fig. 5

Irriflex can penetrate immediately at the same level of mechanical preparation. Its flexibility ensures a smooth penetration inside the canal.

Fig. 6


30G, 4 % taper, 27 mm long,

Soft polypropylene body

Back-to-back 2-side vent design 

Needle fully transparent to improve user comfort and liquid delivery precision

Slightly pre-bendable to meet specific irrigation requirements

Fig. 7

A complete cleaned Mb1 and Mb2 and Isthmus after the Glide Cleaning performed with Irriflex


In endodontics, Glide Path means a smooth radicular tunnel from the canal orifice to the apical constriction. This terminology was referred more to manual and rotary files, but today, thanks to Irriflex, we can include also Irrigation needles. Irriflex can really ensure a Glide Cleaning during all the procedures of a conventional root canal treatment.


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