Fig. 1

Retreatment in upper incisor, obturated previously with a carrier based technique. 

We removed the carrier with Braiding Technique and obturated it with and MTA plug.

Fig. 2

Images of previous case.

Video of the procedure

Fig. 3

Case of an upper premolar, with a missed palatal canal, and a plastic carrier in the buccal canal, that was removed with braiding technique.

Fig. 4

Images of case

Video of the previous case.

Fig. 5

Another previously treated case with apical periodontitis, obturated with three thermafill carriers, that were removed with the same technique.

Removal of the palatal thermafil carrier.

Fig. 6

Pictures of the previous case.

Fig. 7

We can also apply the technique for the removal of fractured instruments, as we see in this case of a second upper molar, which was referred with a broken lentulo inside the palatal canal, which blocked us from accessing the second palatine root (independent of the main root).

Fig. 8

Case after the endodontic retreatment with the remotion of the broken lentulo

Fig. 9

About the author, Alberto Morales Cuéllar:

Degree in dentistry at the Complutense University of Madrid, 2013

Master in Advanced Endodontics at Rey Juan Carlos University, 2017

Master Periodontics and soft tissue management at CEU Cardenal Herrera, 2020

Professor of Master of Microscopic Endodontics and Apical Surgery (URJC)

Opinion leader of Zarc4Endo

Style Italiano Endodontics Fellow member

Full member of the Spanish Association of Endodontics.

Member of the American Association of Endodontists.

Winner of the Best Training Presentation of the College of Dentists of Madrid


As we have seen in this article, if we have the knowledge, skill and adequate equipment, the braiding technique is a feasible, teachable and reproducible technique for the removal of plastic carriers and other materials inside the root canal.


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