Obturation, Step No. 1: Cone Fit

21 September 2016

Calogero Bugea

Cone fit is the first step and a good starting point for a perfect 3D obturation of the root canal system. During this phase, we need: gutta-percha cones, a dedicated caliper and a blade or micro-scissors. Guttapercha cones are available in three different categories:
1) Non Standardized, with 0.20 tip and available in 9 size: x-fine, fine-fine, medium-fine, fine (.06), fine-medium (.08), medium (.10), medium-large (.12), large, extra-large. Fine, F-Medium and Medium are the most used cones. This kind of cones is indicated for Warm Vertical Condensation or System B techniques.
2) Standardized cones have a note tip, from 20 to 1,40 and 0,2 taper, and are usually utilized in lateral condensation.
3) The last category of cones, includes cones that are dedicated to each instrument, for example, dedicated to Protaper Universal, Reciproc or M-Two; this kind of cones is less specific than non-standardized cones in the gutta-percha warm condensation technique, and in the single cone technique.


Cone Fit is the first step to a perfect 3D obturation: during this step, we can confirm
  1. the working lenght, with an RX;
  2. the shaping, and any change that may be done in the preparation;
  3. the anatomy, e.g. merging canals, position of blocks or ledges;
  4. the gauging, gutta-percha is a valid and reliable method;
  5. pre-visualize the obturation.


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