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Fellows: shape your future

We are proud to announce a new badge for the Style Italiano Endodontics community: introducing the Style Italiano Endodontics Fellows.

Shape your future

We are designating a new group of Style Italiano Endodontics Fellows in order to reward some of the most active users we noticed in our Facebook group and in our activities in presence.

The new Fellows are not yet Style Italiano Endodontics members, but are friends that we are looking at very closely because of how much active they are in posting, commenting and keeping the community active. And, who knows… maybe some of them might even become Style Italiano Endodontics official members!

Do you want to join?

Becoming a Fellows requires commitment, continuity and dedication to the community. We always check the community activity, and we know who deserves to become a fellow.

If you want to start your Style Italiano Endodontics career, the best way is to get you noticed thanks to excellent posts in the group! If you prove yourself to be consistent and show great quality, we will take care of the rest.

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