CanalClean 2S: a tailored kit for irrigation

12 March 2018

Riccardo Tonini

Nowadays, canal irrigation is considered as a key factor for a successful root canal treatment. It has to be considered that the shaping phase has deeply improved, due to the advancements in file technology, and practitioners are using the lowest number or rotary files ever into the root canal. Thus, preparations are quicker and more respectful of the dentine but, on the other hand, the volume of irrigants employed and the time spent by the solution into the canals significantly decreased. This could jeopardize a proper disinfection, with the risk of opening a door to the Endodontic failure. As previously published in our website, from a clinical point of view, we have to consider irrigation time, irrigant volume and activation as main factors. With respect to the activation of irrigants, Endoultra represents the right choice in terms of  Usability and Efficacy.  The Volume of the solution that is used throughout the shaping process is essential for a proper disinfection. Canal cleanliness is directly related to our ability to maintain a constant volume of fresh solution in the canals.

CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 1

Recently, the CanalClean 2S kit has been introduced in the market by Vista Dental; it’s a dedicated set for cleaning the Root Canal system during conventional treatment.

CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 2

This smart KIT is composed by:

  • 1x 12 cc Chlor- XTRA (6% NaOCl)
  • 1x 6cc Smear OFF 2 in 1
  • 2x 30 ga side vented irrigating tips
  • 1x Micro Aspirator with tip
CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 3

Chlor-XTRA is an enhanced 6% sodium hypochlorite solution designed for irrigation, debridement and cleansing of root canals during and after instrumentation. The addition of powerful wetting agents and  surface modifiers enables it to penetrate into lateral canals and isthmuses by lowering the surface tension.

CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 4

Smear Off  is a combination of  EDTA and CHX: this innovative formulation has no chemical interaction with NaOCl.

CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 5

The kit includes also a micro aspirator, that is extremely useful during the endodontic treatment and retreament, since it is able to remove old fluids and debris from the deepest part of the canal. This micro aspirator is connectable with any evacuation system.

CanalClean 2S article by Riccardo Tonini
Fig. 6

Thanks to this micro aspirator the operative field is always clean and all the debris are directly removed from the access cavity and canals.


Canal clean 2s is an easy-to-employ tool, dedicated to the irrigation of the root canal system, which really is the fundamental phase for reaching a successful outcome in endodontics. To reach the goal in endodontics it is absolutely mandatory to follow the irrigation protocol step by step, by using the right volumes, times, activation devices and smart tools like Canal clean 2s by Vista Dental.


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