Fig. 1

X-ray show my retreatment of first left upper molar.

Despite microscope and ultrasonic tips I have not been able to find and treat the MB2 (Second Mesio-Buccal canal). 

Fig. 2

The importance of CBCT today to show us in a very simple way the problem. 

In this case show a very large lesion not visibile in a 2D X-Ray affecting the mesio-vestibular root.

So i decided to do micro-endodontc surgery to solve the problem.

Fig. 3

After the flap we can appreciate the dimension of the lesion.

Fig. 4

Mesio-vestibular root.

Fig. 5

MB1, MB2 and their isthmus 

Fig. 6

Methylene blue for see better the limits of the root and make evident the presence of extra canals, voids, cracks and other characteristics of the root.

Fig. 7

Ultrasonic tips for the creation of the retrograde cavity.

Fig. 8

Bioceramic Putty as material for the obturation.

Fig. 9


Fig. 10

X-Ray Post-Op

Fig. 11

X-Ray Control at 1 year

Fig. 12

2015: Graduated in dentistry from the University of Valencia.

2017: Master in Endodontics from the University of Bologna.

Federico Michelini has been a speaker in national and international congresses regarding endodontics.

Tutor of the Master of Endodontics and of the Degree Course of Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis for the University of Bologna.

He won the Closed Meeting of Italian Society of Endodontics in 2019.

He attended the advanced course of retreatments and endodontics surgery of Italian Academy of Endodontics.

He attended the course of microscopy by Dott. Fabio Gorni.

Member of the Italian Society of Endodontics

Member Fellow of Style italiano Endodontics.

Opinion Leader and Speaker for Morita, Coltene and Labomed. 

He works in Parma and Piacenza dedicating to microscopic endodontics.


Endodontic surgery its a great option to solve treatment that in orthograde way fails.

Important not to forget that its very important know the anatomy and its variables and for sure works with correct instruments to work in a simpler and best way. I think that in case of Endodontic surgery a CBCT as a pre-operative X-ray is mandatory because give us a lot of information that 2D X-ray does not give us.

We have to believe in Endodontic Surgery because help us to solve a lot of problem and to save teeth.


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