Fig. 1

Description of the MG3 system 

The main advantage of this file sytem is the presence of different designs and cross section in the same instrument kit, a smart thing for dealing with different anatomies.

Courtesy of Dott Ahmed Shawky

Fig. 2

Description of the MG3 system 

Another advantage in this system is having two glide path files. They can be used sequentially or not depending on the case difficultyDue to the small size of the gliders, it is recommended to use them with “Brushing ahead of pecking” motion to avoid torsional failures

Courtesy of Dott Ahmed Shawky

Fig. 3

The cross section of the shaping files is traingular 

This cross sectional design provides sharp blades for enhanced cutting efficiency and in the same time reduces the metal core of the instrument as the size is increased to maintain flexibility.

The Gold heat treatment provides a wear resistant surface with superior cutting behavior while enhancing the cyclic fatigue resistance.

The 25/4% file can be used in body shaping and can be used as a finishing file in cases with anatomical limitations such as severely curved canals.

The 25/6% file can be used for Pressurless preflaring as well as a shaping/finishing file.

Courtesy of Dott Ahmed Shawky

Fig. 4

The 35/4% file is an optional file for increasing the preparation size in large root canals. It is used in zone pecking maneuvers.

Fig. 5

Easy canal protocol

Fig. 6

Medium and difficult canal protocol

Fig. 7

Preoperative xray


Fig. 8

Post operative xray

Fig. 9

Post op X-ray with composite filling


The rational for treatment is the most important part in our therapies, understand the case difficulties a step back approach and correct instruments can lead us to endodontic success.


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