Management of Internal Root Resorption
Fig. 1

Case of tooth 22, female, 25 years, refered to our clinic due to internal root resorption case with periapical lesion. Tooth was tender to percussion. After shaping and cleaning procedure, Ca(OH)2 was placed for medication.

Management of Internal Root Resorption
Fig. 2

MAP system was used to put MTA material for obturation.

Management of Internal Root Resorption
Fig. 3

MTA confirmation and post op xray

Management of Internal Root Resorption
Fig. 4

Intra oral clinical images

Management of Internal Root Resorption
Fig. 5

Follow up at 2 years, bone healing was evident, tooth was asymptomatic


Until now, root canal treatment is a good choice of treating teeth diagnosed with internal root resorption. Because the resorptive defect is the result of an inflamed pulp. Therefore, early detection is necessary for successful management of the outcome of internal resorption to prevent overweakening of the remaining root structures and root perforations since internal root resorption is often asymptomatic, and painful symptoms do not appear until an advanced stage of the lesion. CBCT in recent era no doubt has improved clinician to diagnosed internal root resorption more accurate.


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