Fig. 1

V-Taper Gold is an endodontic rotary files system by Fanta-Dental  , designed from advanced metallurgy, helps build smooth straight-line access and increases flexibility and cutting efficacy and high elasticity.

Great taper design allows for large canal shaping.

One of the most important characteristic of this rotary system is the flexility, only with fingers is possible to bend the file.

Clinically this characteristic is very useful in the posterior area with limitating open mouth

In case of ledges, the endodontist need a special curvature on the last millimeter of the rotary file system.   In this situation we need an endodontic bender, for manual and mechanical files.

The sequence base is designed for crown down approach. In this specific case:

Sx was utilized for orifice opening and removal of the necrotic tissue in the coronal area

S1 and s2 work in the coronal and medium third of the root

F1 works in an incomplete manner in the apical area of the apical third

F2 works better than  the f1 but not in a complete manner

F3 works very well, the flutes are completely covered by debries.

The final  xray shows a complex anatomy filled by guttapercha and bioceramic sealer.


The Fanta V-Taper gold is a really good endodontic file system. The principal characyeristic is the flexibility and the adaptation to the root canal system.


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