Fig. 1

Pre-op. Radiograph showing Mesial caries extended to mesial pulp horn leading to Irreversible Pulpitis “ also the patient was a Dentist “  

Fig. 2

Access Cavity 

Fig. 3

Working length determination 

“ the difficuilty here was the curvature & tightness of the mesials so , um used d-finder files in sequence 8,10,12 till 15 in order to get patency “

Fig. 4

Working length determination for distal 

Fig. 5

Cone Fitting 

“ now u can notice the severe curvature of mesials regardless of limited mouth opening of the patient during preparation “ 

Fig. 6

Final Obturation “ Radiograph “  

Fig. 7

Final Obturation “ Clinical “ 

Fig. 8

Case Workflow 

A short film showing the obturation Process  

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Fig. 9


Endodontic treatment of third molars with varying root-canal morphology and difficult access can be challenging. Nevertheless, modern techniques and devices make third molar endodontics predictable

The root canal morphology of third molars shows an increased likelihood for aberrations, such as dilacerations, C-shaped canals and unpredictable morphological features, that should be identified accurately before commencing endodontic treatment. Intelligent evaluation of clinical and radiographic data makes possible to understand the unpredictable anatomy of these teeth. Magnification and coaxial illumination allow the identification of canal orifices, along with the "Laws" postulated by Krasner and Rankow.


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