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Re-treatment nightmare

In our daily practice, we face a lot of difficulties in root canal treatment and re-treatment. Some of these difficulties may be due to the case itself, and others may happen during the procedure. Key factors to overcome such situations are identifying these difficulties and knowing how to deal with them.

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Flexible Teachable Repetable: Fanta V-Taper Gold
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Retreatment of a central incisor with Essential Kit

Aim of endodontic therapy is to maintain or restore the periapical health of teeth through shaping, cleaning and filling tridimensionally the root canal system. Root canal treatment has proven to be a predictable procedure with a high success rate. Nevertheless, failures occur in 14-16% of primary endodontic treatments and retreatments account for approximately 30% of […]

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Smart ledge crossing with FANTA files

During preparation ledges are inadvertently created and make further instrumentation more difficult as file tips snag in the ledge rather than progressing smoothly to the working length. Stiff instruments or drills will tend to straighten in the curved root canal. Ledges are most likely on the outer curvature either at the primary curvature or apically. […]

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Bioceramics & Heat: The Possible Couple

One of the main goals of Endodontic treatment is to prevent reinfection hence come the role of obturation and 3D sealing to root canal system to provide sufficient apical and coronal seal against bacterial re invasion. Root canal system is so complex, presence of anastomosis, isthmuses and lateral canals exhibit a challenge for the clinician […]

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Electronic Apex Locator

Successful endodontic treatment depends on the triad of shaping, thorough cleaning and 3- dimensional obturation of tooth within the confines of canals. To achieve this objective the apical constriction must be detected accurately during canal preparation and precise control over working length during the procedure must be maintained. There are many methods of working length […]

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Use of C-Handle in daily practice

Having an optimal view of the operative field is one of the most obvious, but at the same times most important, aspects to keep into consideration while doing an endodontic treatment. The use of rubber dam and magnifications certainly give us an advantage, together with a correct access cavity, but often, when the clinical situation […]

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NSRCT for lower first molar with Radix Entomolaris

Radix Entomolaris (RE) is a major anatomical anomaly in the mandibular first molar represented by a third root that is located disto-lingually. The prevalence of RE is different in different populations; ranging from 3% in African people to even more than 40% in Mongolian traits (De Moor et al. 2004). Root canal treatment of lower […]

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