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Mostafa Anwar

Dr. Mostafa Anwar is an Endodontics specialist. He is a F. Assistant Lecturer of Endodontics at Faculty of Dentistry, The British University in Egypt & F. Infection Control Officer at the British University Dental Hospital.

He is a Certified Healthcare & Hospital Management Specialist – AUC.

He graduated from Faculty of Dentistry – Ain Shams University in Egypt. He took his Master Degree of Endodontics from Ain Shams University on June 2015.

He got a Diploma of Healthcare & Hospital Management from the American University in Cairo on April 2013 & His Master Degree in Endodontics on June 2015 from Ain Shams University & Now he is a PhD Researcher.

He is an International Endodontics Lecturer & Participant in many International Dental Conferences, Style Italiano Endodontics Silver Member & Endodontics Key Opinion Leader. He conducted many Lectures and Hands-on workshops on Endodontics nationally & Internationally. He is involved in private Continuous Education programs for more than 6 years and for more than 8 years at private universities.

He is a Micro-Endodontics Specialist at Whity Dental Center, Cairo – Egypt.

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