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What is the Campus Project

Campus project brings knowledge and experience to the students. It works with selected academic institutions to co-produce scientific events focused on Endodontics. Educational project activity is understood as a creative process aimed at revealing and satisfying students’ cognitive needs through the creation of an ideal content with subjective or objective novelty.

Based on practice

As StyleItaliano Endodontics we want to share our clinical experience based on scientific evidence, however sometimes clinicians and researchers are in a controversial situation, due to the mismatch between in vitro or ex vivo experimental findings and the in vivo reality. 
Our main goal is to highlight the points in common and in contrast between clinical practice and research, creating a congress dedicated to the students to nurture their critical understanding of science applicability to clinical practice.

How it works

StyleItaliano Endodontics selects an University situated in a specific country and asks to get in touch with the other institutions of the same country in order to invite all the students to attend this event for free. We will involve companies in order to support the Campus Project and we will organize for them workshops and extra activities on specific topics. On the congress we will ask to the most expert researchers and clinicians to present educational lectures on different topics. The first day is dedicated to lectures and to a Q&A session, with the main intent of debating in a constructive way. Speakers will be selected inside the Style Italiano Endodontics group and inside Universities of the host nation. Interested students can also participate with posters and brief oral presentations regarding their thesis project.
Thanks to Host University, to the other Universities of same region, to the students and sponsors, StyleItaliano Endodontics will be able to follow its philosophy and mission: educate, inspire and motivate the new generation of Endodontists.

Find out about the 2023 edition

Campus Project Valencia 2023

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